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Matchstick Golf to open retail store in June of 2024

The time has come, and Matchstick is ready to open its doors and welcome people in to a retail location in North Portland.

Many of you have already received your invitation to RSVP to our grand opening party, which was delivered via email (uhh, twice... sorry) on Tuesday. We'll be hosting an event from 6-9 pm at 7440 N Charleston in St. Johns, a neighborhood of Portland. Everyone is welcome, and as ask that you RSVP here if you'd like to come.

The event will be a fun one, with food and drinks provided, along with raffle prizes from Matchstick and other related companies. We'll also have a putting contest, and a few surprises!

So what about the store itself? What are the details? When will we be open? What can you buy here?

Let me tell you.

Most importantly, if you arrive at HQ for the grand opening, you'll notice that I'm based in a work-live loft. Yes, you'll be in my store. But you'll also be in my home. That was the impetus to open a retail location.

Put simply: I'm here all the time anyway, why not let people swing by?

The shop will look more formal than that, but I'm not planning on holding the most formal schedule over the course of the year. Our business doesn't necessitate a full-time retail presence, but since I have the opportunity, I figured I should take advantage.

What this means is that I will be maintaining a calendar on the site that will be easily accessible at any time for folks visiting the website or our social media. You will see our open hours for the week, planned out in advance. You'll also be able to reach out to me and set up a specific appointment if our open hours for the week don't work for you. A nice little personal shopping experience for you — how bougie.

Indeed, the "business hours" on our front door will read:

By Appointment

If The Door Is Open

When We Feel Like It

The big change for locals here in Portland is that they will be able to come and pick up their orders once we open on the 25th. In the shopping cart, you'll be able to select either a shipment or a pickup time here at HQ. 

I would love for this space to become a little golf hangout for folks. An alternative type of golf shop that allows you to come check it out before heading to a round at Wildwood or Heron, perhaps? Or maybe just a place to come and practice your putting — I'll have a Capto available for folks to use with our putting mat, so you can dial in your face-to-path (God knows I need to). Or come and play some PGA 2K on the PlayStation!

Thank you all for your support, and I hope you get a chance to swing by. If you're local, come on out to the grand opening!

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