PODCAST: 9 Things Every Golf Course Should Have with Joe Simons At The Turn

Golf courses are wonderful places, many are public parks that either have low cost of entry or you can jaunt around them free of charge like my beloved Glendoveer here in Portland, Ore. They're big, green open spaces where one can relax, forget about the week, and concentrate on great shots and good friends. 

But, as we are wont to to do, some could use some improving. With the glut of golfers thanks to COVID, many courses have made money hand over fist without improving some of the services available to patrons and that just doesn't sit right with me or my friend Joe Simons from the At the Turn podcast.

A dear friend and part of my regular playing group, Joe recently invited me on to his podcast to discuss some of the ways that golf courses could improve. In particular, we decided to go over the nine things every (18 hole) golf course should have on its premises.

We touched on subjects like attentive cart staff, practice areas, local rules to aid pace of play, and basics like water and pro shop amenities.

Joe and I had a great time discussing everything we felt should be at a modern golf course — with many of our selections overlapping — during a rollicking podcast that I think listens like two old friends chopping it up about the sport we love. Mostly because that's precisely what it was!

Thanks to Joe for having me on the pod and listen to our choices by downloading the podcast here or searching for At the Turn anywhere you listen to podcasts.

Oh, and stay tuned for a special discount code because it's a BIG one!

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