Build Your Own Custom Golf Ball Marker

Ever wanted your own custom golf ball marker? Well now is your chance! Use our custom golf ball marker price builder for your personal ball markers for a golf trip, wedding, bachelor party, or event using the dropdowns below. 

Once you've placed your order, we'll contact you via email to make sure everything is just right and discuss the project with you. 

Each custom golf ball marker package includes:

  • A basic mold fee of $90
  • Ball markers
  • Matchbox packaging
  • Scale-sized sticker on the back to seal the package
  • Free laser engraving of your choice
  • Professional photography to share with friends or on social media

Have questions about the process? Contact us today via email at

Want custom markers for your business, golf course, tournament, or non-profit? Send us an email, get in touch with us via our contact page, or give us a call at (971) 393-4133 for special wholesale pricing.

Custom Markers FAQ

Matchstick can draw anything you like! We've done everything from people's pets to custom requests like mahjong tiles, covered wagons, cocktails, people's faces, food... anything you can name, we've done it.

The art fees are relatively simple. Here's a more detailed description.

  • Existing Vector/Logo Art: This option is only if you already have a graphic or image that you're directly translating. Many artists work in pixel format when it comes to digital art, and our machines need vectorization to ensure exact thickness of linework since we're dealing in items that are relatively small. Photography does not apply to this selection.
  • We Draw For You: This is the most common option that should be selected by most customers. Whether it's a photo of a pet or a combination of graphic and real-world inspiration, if we're drawing something from scratch, this is the art fee you should select. The most expensive option allows us to make large scale revisions to rework a concept for you or go in another direction.

All custom orders must be purchased and paid for before any proof is provided. Once paid, we email you to thank you for your order and begin a dialogue on the custom marker. We'll then be able to give you a timeline for your proof to arrive.

All our art fee options come with revision capabilities. If large changes are not discussed beforehand, these are limited to things like color, line thickness, marker size, and other negligible alterations.

Both of the We Draw For Your options come with large revision options, including changing perspective on designs or even the photo the drawing is based off of.

Once a proof is approved, production begins and the production timeline clock begins!

Matchstick operates on a standard 7.5 week production schedule after proof approval. We do offer a rush option of 3.5 weeks, also after proof approval.

Since ball markers are relatively small, there are some constraints on how much we can put on any given marker. We work with you to figure out what the best option is if your request might be too large. We aim to please!

Once payment is received, we will email you within one business day to thank you for your business and begin the process. This is where you can provide us with additional detail about your marker, give additional creative imagery, and start a dialogue so you get the best custom marker you've ever seen on the golf course.

We'll also provide a phone number if you'd like to speak with us directly.

You can contact us first to discuss any custom marker work beforehand. Send us an email at or give us a call at 971-393-4133 and we can tell you how best to move forward with a custom marker.

Before production, refunds are available. If the refund request comes after the submission of a proof to a customer, the art fee is no longer refundable.

Yes, we do offer wholesale discounts with approval. Whether for a company or non-profit, we offer a different pricing model for those customers. If you are interested and think you might qualify, contact us today.