dane delgado matchstick golf

My name is Dane Delgado and I am the President of Matchstick Golf, a custom designer of golf ball markers based in Portland, Oregon. Matchstick came out of many searches coming up empty for reliably interesting, well-made, affordable, and playable golf ball markers. I was constantly searching for a brand that delivered all of these, but couldn't seem to find a company that could do everything I wanted.

So I started my own.

At its core, each Matchstick ball marker design is one that I would want to play. I have to love it before it ever gets made. And if you love it too, that's even better. My markers have no overt branding, they aren't huge poker chips or lumps of CNC brass that weigh more than your ball, and there's no crazy prices. That's what the golf industry was missing, and now Matchstick is here to finally bring the players what they need.

So what makes Matchstick markers unique?

Each of my golf ball markers have been designed to exacting specifications with regard to weight, thickness, and size. There's been a trend in golf to make big, heavy ball markers but I think those designs sacrifice too much in the way of playability. There's nothing worse than having a great putt go wrong after it glances off your playing partner's enormous POG Slammer-sized marker.

That's why we design each one of our markers to be right around 1" and no thicker than 3mm. This gives our markers a weight between 5-7 grams, perfect for picking it out in your pocket or golf bag but not so big you'll feel encumbered by it in your pocket. 

Our products are labored over and our designs are carefully thought out. It takes months to design each marker, and even then some won't ever make it to production. We've come up with dozens of designs but each marker goes through a careful editorial process that we feel is important to our brand. We don't want to just pump out product because we can. I think great designs are lost in the dilution of product and inventory. I want each and every Matchstick marker to be something that makes you say, "Damn... that is a great idea!"

All our markers are designed in Portland, Oregon and as many local products and vendors are used in the process including printers, sticker manufacturers, signage, and the like. Each marker is hand painted and polished and undergo rigorous quality control measures.

Matchstick aims to provide the best golf ball markers money can buy. 

Have any questions? Give me a call at (971) 393-4133, contact us via our website or send us a message on Instagram.