Matchstick Golf is a designer of high-quality golf accessories including golf ball markers, golf towels, golf club ferrules, divot tools, bag tags, and more. Based in in the St. Johns neighborhood of Portland, Oregon. Matchstick was born in 2021 after the founders were unable to find interesting, well-made, affordable, and playable golf ball markers. We couldn't find a brand that delivered better art for all golfers.

So we started our own.

At their core, each Matchstick Golf design is one that we would want to play. We have to love it before it ever gets made, and if you love it too, that's even better. Our markers have no overt branding, they aren't huge poker chips or lumps of CNC brass that weigh more than your ball, and there's no crazy prices. That's what the golf industry was missing, and now Matchstick is here to finally bring the players what they need.

Our products are labored over and our designs are carefully thought out. It takes months to design each marker, towel, and divot tool. Even then some won't ever make it to production. We enact a more considered editorial process in our releases that we feel is important to our brand. We don't want to just pump out product because we can. We think great designs are lost in the dilution of product and inventory.

All our markers are designed in Portland, Oregon and as many local products and vendors are used in the process including printers, sticker manufacturers, signage, and the like. Each marker is hand painted and polished and undergo rigorous quality control measures.

Matchstick aims to provide the best golf ball markers money can buy. 

Have any questions? Give me a call at (971) 393-4133, contact us via our website or send us a message on Instagram.


Meet Our Team

Dane Delgado, President

Dane is a Willamette Valley native and a lifelong golfer. He started when he was very young at small Par 3 courses in Salem, Oregon, tagging along with his uncle. Eventually he got more serious about the game while in college at the University of Oregon, and has been swinging a club ever since.

A holder of degrees in both History and Accounting, Dane spent the first half of his career as a sportswriter covering the NBA for places like Sporting News and NBC Sports. Now he acts as our lead designer and creative director, as well as our driving force for new products and packaging.

The creative mind behind our company, Dane can be found at our HQ in St. Johns crafting up new golf ball markers, ferrules, and more alongside his dog, Murphy. When not working, Dane is usually teeing it up at Wildwood Golf Course down the road from St. Johns.

Nile Johnson, Director of Business Development

Nile is a native Oregonian who joined the Matchstick management team in 2023. An avid golfer and beer enthusiast, Nile started playing golf at a young age and rekindled his love for the sport when he moved to Portland from Southern Oregon in his 30s.

Through the local Portland golf scene, Nile and Dane found themselves around each other frequently and eventually found a deeper connection with each other. The two shared ideas at length on the green, and Nile wanted to bring his years of experience in sales and business development to the Matchstick brand.

Nile now is currently heading up our large scale sales operations and looking to expand our reach to help more golfers have better artwork and accessories out on the course.