Talking the origins and the future of Matchstick Golf on the At the Turn Podcast

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Matchstick Golf has officially been around for 85 days, with our initial set of original golf ball markers launching on July 18. Since then, customers have been grabbing markers at a rate we could never have predicted when the wheels were set in motion to produce designs in early January.

My guys Joe Simons and Nick Heidelberger have been with Matchstick Golf since the very beginning. The At the Turn Podcast was the very first sponsorship we locked in, and for good reason.

Joe has been a longtime friend and playing partner, helping me concept parts of the company, acting as a sounding board, and an encouragement when my swing is looking a bit wonky out at Glendoveer. Meanwhile Nick, although he lives clear across the other side of the country, has been a delight to work with and to listen to on the pod. He's also the editor of GolfLink, so he's a great encyclopedia of knowledge.

It has been a whirlwind, with folks helping us stock out of the Cash Stack not one, not two, but three times. I have personally cherished the welcoming of the golf community, both online and here in Portland. The experience has been wonderful, through the tough times and the exuberant. 

Both Joe and Nick invited me to chop it up with them on a recent episode of the At the Turn, to talk about what it's been like over the beginning stages of this journey. We touched on:

  • Why we only make golf ball markers
  • How the company came about
  • The significance of the name "Matchstick"
  • Why I am so passionate about this product
  • What's next for Matchstick
  • Where I see the company going in the future

It was a great hang with the guys and we got pretty in-depth with what I feel is missing in the golf ball marker segment, why it's so important to me, and my hopes for the future. 

For all you members of Team Matchstick, this one's for you.

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