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Toast that bun! The Assville Podcast joins Team Matchstick

We just can't miss!

Matchstick is thrilled to announce the addition of two more influencers, comedians, and all-around great guys in Shain Brendan and Seth Allen. Together this Portland comedic duo are the hosts of Assville, a podcast brought to you from the St. John's neighborhood. 

So why are we adding two comedians to our roster? For starters, the golf bug has sunk its teeth deep into the Mayors of Assville, and there's no turning back. Shain can be found galavanting around Colwood in North Portland, and he just keeps getting better each and every week. It's sickening, really, how quickly he's taken to it. We here at Matchstick Golf, LLC are in no way envious of his raw talent. 

We also believe that golf is more than just a game, it's an attitude and these guys have the right one. Shain and Seth are two of Portland's funniest comics, and together they put together a rate-and-review podcast that is hilarious for folks all across the globe. Seeing their podcast grow and find listeners internationally is inspiring, and outside of that, the pod is absolutely hilarious.

Check out the podcast wherever you download your audio media and follow both Shain and Seth on Twitter, where you're sure to get the best of each of them. The Assville Podcast can also be found on Instagram.

We're not guaranteeing it, but each listen of Assville may give you a great promo code to use for your favorite ball marker company!

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