Welcome to Matchstick Golf

Golf is a game of many things; competition, desire, friendship, class, and culture. As the modern era has dawned, the game has changed from it's stodgy traditions and slowly started to accept a broader definition with regard to rules, etiquette, and custom.

The marketplace for golf accessories has flourished, particularly as more people have taken up the game. With these accessories has come an unruly amount of spending — and who can be blamed — down to every minuscule item in our bags. Golf ball markers have not been spared, but with the explosion of entrants to the market so too has the quality control suffered. 

Matchstick Golf was created with the idea that golf ball markers, as a small, personal accessory, should be just that. They shouldn't be large, chunky, ostentatious objects to brag about. Instead, we believe ball markers should tell a story about a golfer, give them confidence when lining up their putt, and invite an inquiry... should they be willing to answer. 

With that in mind, we move forward with a few core beliefs.

First, that markers shouldn't be hard to get. There's no re-sellers here, and our stock will remain just that — in stock.

Second, we think ball markers should be small enough to remain playable. Big, 30g markers may give the illusion of quality, but a playing partner is going to be irate if you don't happen to move your mark and your POG Slammer™ sends their putt careening toward the fringe.

Finally, we believe markers should be reasonably priced. We love where we fit in, where a golfer knows they're paying for high quality and the best design possible both graphically and functionally. 

So here we are, with our first eight designs now launched on our home page and the orders coming in. We're so happy you've all taken to us so quickly, and we can't wait to show you what we have coming up next.


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