What remains at Battle Creek Golf Club

Battle Creek Golf Club was a special place for me. I spent hours upon hours on the course as a kid, driving my favorite uncle’s cart around and trying not to plunge us into Battle Creek while crossing the various bridges on the property. It was a different era, and I spent days and nights running around the clubhouse barroom as a grade schooler while he played music in the evening after a Saturday round of golf. I can still taste the sweet and sour chicken from the restaurant, and the Shirley Temples poured by the bartender for me.

I never got to play Battle Creek. My friends and I started playing golf consistently in late high school, but we hadn’t mustered up the courage to play a real 18-hole par 72 golf course by the time this place closed down. That’s always twinged me a bit.

On a recent trip through Salem, I shot this video to show the old track in its current state, and to finally get one good drive off the tee box at No. 9.

Check out the video above to see more of the story of Battle Creek Golf Club closing down and what it looks like today.


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