Flame Magnetic Hat Clip

No more losing your Matchstick Golf ball markers! Our Flame magnetic hat clip is here to keep your ball marks securely attached to anywhere you want to rock it. Made of extra thick metal and finished in brilliant chrome, we've also designed this clip to inset the magnet below the surface on the bottom of clip for extra friction against the bill of your hat.

The clip features an extra strong 20mm magnet to make sure your marker never slips off, meaning you'll always know your favorite design of ours is safe when you go for that birdie putt.

We've done this hat clip in the shape of the flame on our Matchstick Man logo, complete with inset lettering and paint filled for an extra touch of class.  No more boring circle markers bought next to the counter at a big box store. Step up your game and keep your markers safe!


  • 1.45" tall x 0.9" wide x 0.25" thick
  • 1.5 mm thick
  • Weighs a sturdy 8g
  • Magnetic

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