Putterade - Lemon-Lime

Based on the classic late-1990s plastic sports drink bottle, this golf ball marker keeps you hydrated with the sharp flavor of lemon and lime. All the electrolytes you need to record circles on your scorecard!

Hand painted and polished.


  • Magnetic
  • Durable oven cured enamel with high polish back
  • USGA confirming
  • Premium feel
  • Matchbox packaging

    Customer Reviews

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    Brings me back to little league days! Great marker!

    Birdie Time!

    I have the "Birdie Shuttlecock" Ball marker that is no longer offered on Matchstick. But I gotta say, I shot my best round this path month and laying down that birdie marker is the bees knees. My next purchase might just have to be the "Putterade" for those hot summer days next summer!

    The Shuttlecock is a classic! Jones still offers this on their website and we make them for them! It was the ball marker that started it all for us. Thanks for your review!

    Clayton Gelfand
    a Hole-in-One Experience with Matchstick Golf Ball Markers

    Once upon a sunny Saturday morning, I embarked on a golfing adventure that would forever change the way I saw the game. My journey led me to the golf course armed with my trusted clubs and an extraordinary accessory - Matchsticks Golf's high-quality ball markers.

    From the moment I held these markers in my hand, I knew I was in for something special. The precision craftsmanship was evident in every detail. Made from the finest materials, their weight and feel exuded a sense of luxury. It was clear that Matchsticks Golf didn't just design ball markers; they crafted works of art.

    With my Matchsticks Golf markers by my side, I felt like a true champion. These markers weren't just golf accessories; they were talismans that elevated my game and transformed an ordinary day on the links into an extraordinary experience.

    Matchsticks Golf has created more than ball markers; they've crafted pieces of art that redefine what it means to be a golfer. As I reflect on that memorable day, I can't help but feel grateful for the magic these markers brought to my game. Matchsticks Golf has set a new standard for quality and craftsmanship in the world of golf accessories. Every golfer deserves to experience the joy, elegance, and confidence that their ball markers provide. Golf will never be the same again.

    An excellent gift

    The perfect gift for my husband who loves this flavor. The color is really bright!