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The Masters Collection

Get both of our most recent Masters Tournament releases plus a magnetic hat clip! The Augusta Azalea and the Pimento Cheese Sandwich golf ball markers are reminiscent of Augusta National Golf Club, and both have a special place in the hearts of golfers across the globe. Now is your chance to putt like one of the greats with these two ball markers, offered at a discount to their regular sale prices in addition to a sweet hat clip that will ensure you never lose a ball marker again!

Supplies are limited, so grab them now.

Augusta Azalea Measurements:

  • 1.25" wide x 1.25" tall
  • 2.5mm thick
  • Weighs a sturdy 8g
  • Individually numbered
  • Magnetic

Pimento Cheese Measurements:

  • 1" wide x 1" tall
  • 2.5mm thick
  • Weighs a sturdy 8g
  • Magnetic

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